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  1. The order fulfillment and delivery were so fast! Very happy with the service. I’ve been taking for 2 full days so I really haven’t gotten the full benefits yet. But I did notice I have slept better in the last two nights than I have in years. I am really looking forward to seeing some good results! The only reason I did not give a “5” was that I haven’t been taking the supplements long enough. 😊

  2. I haven’t really tried it but one day but the Lemon-aid Daily is delicious. I honestly though, the packaging in the box would be better. I had none of the yellow stuffing that was advertised so, basically the products shifting around this empty box. I thought it would be as advertised.

  3. Great job on ordering and delivering. Just disappointed that Lemon-Aid Daily was only 1/2 way full. I am just using and have to fill dropper twice to get one full dropper for amount suggested. I can see as I use product I will need to fill/refill to get dose. Just disappointed it is happening on my second use. Taste is great-spicy lemon flavor. Looking forward to seeing how product works.

  4. I’ve only been using this product for two weeks and I can’t honestly say I notice any difference. However, I love the delivery system. It’s quick and easy so I’m going to stay with it, at least until I finish the bottle.