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SHANNON STORMS BEADOR and her beloved best friend, Archie


Healthy . . . For Real?

SHANNON STORMS BEADOR has always had a heartfelt interest for anything and everything holistic. The idea of maintaining ultimate health by using natural remedies has always been a fascinating topic.

Determined to find her new way as a single mom, Shannon found she wanted to refocus her energy back to getting in shape, losing weight, eating clean and developing a healthy balance in her life.

Shannon created Real for Real as a vehicle to turn her dreams into the reality of bringing quality, affordable, and healthy products to the market.

Lemon-Aid Daily


Lemon-Aid Daily™ is a multifunctional supplement. This powerful combination of ingredients is built to support your immune system and provide overall health benefits.

• Supports Immunity Health
• Increases Energy
• Supports Metabolic Health
• Promotes Heart & Respiratory Health

Mineral-Aid Nightly

Your Nightly Dose of Intelligent Restoration!

Real for Real Mineral-Aid Nightly capsules are a proprietary metabolic mix of Magnesium, ConcenTrace® Trace Minerals, Fulvic and Humic Acids along with the Super-Antioxidant, Carbon 60 (C60).

• Promotes Cellular Health and Integrity
• Supports the Body’s Detoxification Process
• Promotes Cellular Oxygenation
• Supports Endocrine and Hormonal Balance*


Shannon says “LET’S GET REAL!” Busy working moms want healthy solutions. Navigating volleyball tournaments, school meetings, college prep and work, she gets it! Shannon has spent years in R&D with some of the industry’s best creative minds to make sure her supplements are UNIQUE…AND HEALTHY!


Real for Real Lemon-Aid Daily and Archie img


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