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Lemon-Aid Daily is a revolutionary new health supplement that is making waves in the online gaming industry. This unique product combines the great taste of real lemonade with healthy vitamins and minerals to give players an extra boost during casino classic gaming sessions. The natural ingredients used to make this drink provide essential nutrients that are often lacking in the diet of many online casino players, allowing them to increase their chances of winning.

Shannon Storms Beador has always had a heartfelt interest for anything and everything holistic. The idea of maintaining ultimate health by using natural remedies has always been a fascinating topic.
Determined to find her new way as a single mom, Shannon found she wanted to refocus her energy back to getting in shape, losing weight, eating clean and developing a healthy balance in her life.

Shannon Storms Biador made vitamins for the health of people, including online casino with bonuses enthusiasts, with the help of natural remedies. A very useful health product that online casino players choose is Mineral-Aid Nightly. A patented metabolic mixture that restores and saturates the body with microelements, which is very important and useful for online casino players.

Shannon created REAL FOR REAL as a vehicle to turn her dreams into the reality of bringing quality, affordable, and healthy products to the market.

REAL FOR REAL currently offers Lemon-Aid Daily, Mineral-Aid Nightly and a growing line of nutritional supplements.

Shannon says “LET’S GET REAL!” Busy working moms want healthy solutions. Navigating volleyball tournaments, school meetings, college prep and work, she gets it! Shannon has spent years in R&D with some of the industry’s best creative minds to make sure her supplements are UNIQUE…AND HEALTHY!


Mineral-Aid Nightly is a proprietary metabolic mix that repairs and replenishes the body with trace minerals. It promotes cellular health and integrity, supports the body’s natural detoxification process, promotes cellular oxygenation, and supports endocrine and hormonal balance.

Magnesium | Concen Trace® Minerals | Fulvic and Humic Acids | Carbon 60

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Lemon-Aid Daily is a multifunctional supplement created with a powerful combination of vitamins and antioxidants. It supports immunity health, increases energy, supports metabolic health, and promotes heart and respiratory health.

Lemon | Cayenne Pepper | Turmeric | B6 | B12 | Vitamin C | Vitamin D | Zinc

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Sleep-Aid is a unique combination of natural ingredients that your body needs to sleep soundly.

Valerian Root | Lemon Balm | L-Theanine | Hops | Passion Flower | Chamomile | Melatonin

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Shannon Storms Beador
CEO, Founder

As a working mom, Shannon knows first-hand what it’s like to juggle the demands of a busy lifestyle. Now she shares her formula for success in healthy living.

Stephen Muller
Chief Financial Officer

Steve is a CPA who graduated from the University of Southern California. He has over 35 years’ experience in financial management, operations and business development primarily in the real estate industry. Over the last 10 years, his CFO experience has lead him to working with small start-ups and emerging opportunities. Stephen enjoys skiing, boating and spending quality time with his boys.

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Archie is a graduate of the college of unconditional love and oversees all operations at Real for Real. Archie enjoys carrying his stuffed toys around with him and dozing throughout the day. He never forgets to bark when someone approaches with deliveries, loves being loved, but hates long walks. Archie’s a good boy!