No Excuses! 5 Tips to Make Your Fitness Routine Easier

by | Apr 25, 2019

Staying active and exercising is just as important for your health as eating well. We all know life gets in the way and makes a regular exercise routine sometimes impossible.

Shannon knows this better than anyone. As a busy, working mom she found herself eating poorly and not exercising. Leading to a weight gain that put her on the fast-track for diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Today Shannon has taken control of her health with eating healthy, low-calorie meals as well as exercising.

Here are 5 of Shannon’s best tips for making fitness an easy part of your life.

Piece it together

For some of us a full 45-60 minute workout is not realistic in our busy schedules. No problem! Piece it out throughout the day. Shannon finds that small 15-20 minute sessions morning, noon and evening will work just fine.

Burn calories, not dinner

Make good use of your time while you are getting dinner ready and fit in a small 10-15 minute workout. Our Real For Real meals are already making your life simpler but while you wait for the meal to heat up try counter push ups or calf stretches.

Sign up for a class

Maybe you need the extra motivation a group of peers can provide. Sign up for a class at your local gym, yoga studio, dance studio or other community center. Having a structured social outlet may help to keep you accountable.

Take the long way

You have heard people say this all the time. But does it actually make a difference? Yes! Every opportunity to add to your daily steps and get your heart rate up will help you on your fitness journey. Park in the furthest spot, take the stairs, walk to lunch if you can, wash your car by hand; these are all great ways you can sneak in a little extra exercise.


Drinking water throughout the day is so important! Staying hydrated will help you become more energized and this will give you that little extra motivation to sneak in that extra workout. If you think water can be boring try adding a lemon flavor, Shannon swears by the Nine Lemons extract. Make your water a little more exciting!