On The Farm with Tata Harper: Mornings with A Natural Beauty Guru

by | Jan 19, 2021

Colombian-born skin sorceress, Tata Harper, grew up crafting natural beauty solutions with her grandmother. They even hosted DIY “spa parties” together on Sunday evenings. Today, Harper is the beauty pioneer behind one of the most loved natural skincare brands on the market. The same true to the root feelings still emanate from the brand whose Vermont farm-based headquarters were one of the first things that drew us to Tata Harper years ago (see our 2012 feature!).

From the brand’s signature green glass packaging to the meticulously pure and efficacious contents within, Tata represents everything we love about the wellness luxury space. Her newly launched moisturizer is a sustainable packaging marvel — we’re so thrilled to see more beauty brands embrace this!

Following along for a day in the life with Tata Harper below. Her vision of wellness includes a simple but epic avocado toast recipe, an ambitious habit of drinking three gallons of water a day, and teaching her kiddos about reducing plastic waste…

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