Lemon Water Cleanse: Does it really work?

by | Apr 25, 2019

Remarkable health and weight loss benefits have been associated with lemon water. But does it live up to the hype?

A lemon water cleanse is simply water mixed with lemon juices or additional ingredients for added health benefits. The Real For Real Nine Lemons Cleanse is a fabulous way to venture into a lemon cleanse. Detoxifying doesn’t have to be complicated. If it is done correctly it can be easy and effective.

Real For Real is dedicated to providing quality and easy weight loss solutions to their busy community. This is a great cleanse to keep your physical health in check!

What are the actual scientific benefits of a Lemon Cleanse?

Its easy to look at the beautiful pictures of vibrant lemons in pitchers of water flooding the internet and want to jump on the “lemon” trend. But what about this trend actually adds health cleansing benefits to your body?

We know lemons are high in vitamin C and low in calories. Vitamin C in itself has a multitude of health benefits for us; protecting against prenatal problems, cardiovascular disease, eye diseases and immune system deficiencies. Lemons also act as a great antioxidant.

The benefits of drinking water:

A lemon water cleanse is water with a bit of our lemon extract added. This basically means that all the benefits of drinking regular water apply!

Drinking plenty of water helps with weight loss, mental heath, digestive health and exercise performance.

Shannon’s Tips For A Successful Cleanse

Add 1-2 drops of my Real For Real Nine Lemons Cleanse extract into a small cup. Add hot or cold water to fill the cup. Mix well.

I usually have my cleanse first thing in the morning or before I eat. I personally tend to notice a sense of energy that is unlike coffee! I am not suggesting this as a replacement energy drink, but it naturally causes energy and can help you kick that caffeine addiction.


Photo by Lukas from Pexels